How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Hair Accessory

How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Hair Accessory

Hair Accessory

As a bride-to-be, are you getting jitters over what to wear in your hair? Read these tips to choose the right bridal hair accessory and ensure that your hair becomes your crowning glory on your special day.

Pick Your Wedding Dress First

Your bridal dress sets the style for your whole look. That’s why it’s important to finalize your dress before you pick your hair accessory (or indeed, any piece of jewellery).

A simple dress means a wider range of options as it allows you to use heavily embellished pieces which will add some sparkle to your look. An ornate, embellished dress will require more careful selection to get the harmony right.

Headband, Hair Comb, Tiara, Hairpin or Hair Vine

What’s your hairstyle going to be? Elegantly up-swept? Top knot or side bun? Messy chic braid? All down? Half up half down? Your hairstyle should be the next factor in choosing your hair accessory.

Headbands and hair vines suit almost all hairstyles and look classy. Hair combs look stunning with up-swept hair but can also be worn with hair down and swept to the side. Tiaras go with all hair styles and look amazing with princess wedding dresses. Hairpins are smaller, subtler and give the perfect dreamy finishing touch when your other accessories are lavish.

Sarah Satin Floral Crystal Hair Pin
Sarah Satin Floral & Crystal Hair Pin by Bella Krystal 

Silver, Gold or Rose Gold

Again, it depends on what your dress goes best with and what other accessories and jewellery you are wearing. Gold goes best with ivory and champagne dresses. Silver looks gorgeous with pure white. Rose gold goes with dramatic hues.

If your dress is embellished, pick accessories of the same colour to create a seamless look. Harmony is the key here. Keep all your accessories in the same metallic shade. No mixing a gold necklace with a silver tiara!

Thick or Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, steer clear of heavy ornate hair accessories that will pull your hair down. They might make you feel uncomfortable and could ruin your day by slipping off accidentally at an unexpected moment.

If you have thick hair, you can consider picking heavier pieces that your locks will be able to hold securely.

Simple or Ornate

What’s your everyday style? Do you wish to stay in your comfort zone or step out of it with a leap? If you have a flair for the dramatic, consider picking a statement hair accessory and keeping everything else simple. Remember this basic guideline though: embellished dresses look better with simpler hair accessories and simple dresses look better with ornate hair accessories.

Liliana Great Gatsby Inspired Hair Comb
Liliana Great Gatsby Inspired Crystal Hair Comb by Bella Krystal

Wedding Theme

Wear the theme of your wedding on your hair. Beach wedding? Opt for a starfish or wave pattern. Formal cathedral affair? Go Victorian. Garden wedding? Wear a hair vine dotted with flowers and foliage.

Kendall Bohemian Fresh Water Pearl Crystal Hair Vine
Kendall Bohemian Fresh Water Pearl & Crystal Hair Vine by Bella Krystal

Think Both Front and Back

As you take vows, your wedding guests get to see your back. At the reception, you will be facing people. Think about choosing a hair accessory that’s versatile enough to be worn at the back during the ceremony and can later be repositioned to the side or front. Hair combs and hair vines are very versatile and can be worn many ways without too much fuss.

Have a trial run

It might mean spending a little bit extra, but try out your total look beforehand to spot any discordant notes. Do your hairstyle and accessories look good with the dress? Is your hair able to hold the accessories? Are you likely to feel comfy or hassled wearing your accessories for hours and hours? A trial run will help you find the best balance of dressing up and staying comfortable.

We hope these tips help you choose the right bridal hair accessory for your special day.

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