Why you should choose vintage inspired bridal jewellery for your wedding

Posted on 03 January 2018

If you could only choose one type of jewellery that always works well with almost all bridal ensembles then it would have to be vintage.

What’s vintage inspired jewellery?

First, let’s see what vintage style means. Vintage inspired jewellery means pieces whose designs are inspired by an older time period’s jewellery that’s at least 50 years old. Vintage is an umbrella term that covers many different styles like Victorian (hearts, flowers, pearls), Art Nouveau (nature-inspired, flowing curves, lots of metal), Edwardian (lacy & filigreed designs with tassels and bows), Art Deco (bold, studded geometric patterns) and Retro (big, bold, snazzy).

Vintage inspired jewellery is perfect for weddings

Wedding ceremonies are an old as time institution where two individuals commit to each other for life in presence of their friends and family. Vintage jewellery too has an old world (almost timeless) charm that symbolically echoes the ‘always & forever’ spirit of marriage.

Vintage inspired jewellery looks feminine

Vintage designs are usually ultra feminine and exquisite. For brides who want to look totally feminine and like a vision of loveliness, vintage inspired jewellery can work wonders when added to the bridal ensemble.

Why vintage inspired jewellery, why not actual vintage pieces

Well, this one is simple. There are only two ways you can have genuine vintage jewellery.

Either you inherit it or you buy it.

If you have inherited authentic vintage pieces in mint condition, you are very lucky to be able to build your entire ensemble around these cherished possessions. However, what if these jewellery pieces are showing signs of wear and tear? Tarnished settings, lost gemstones, scratches, broken clasps etc can be a huge let down. Again, if you have the means to get everything repaired, nothing could be better.

Let’s look at the second scenario – you buy genuine vintage jewellery. Real vintage pieces are extremely expensive. If you have a spare couple of thousand lying around then go ahead and indulge yourself by picking and choosing real vintage pieces. However, if like the most of us, you have other priorities for your money, you should buy vintage inspired jewellery at a fraction of the cost. Best of both the world – beauty of vintage at a cost that’s in your budget!

What to remember when buying vintage inspired jewellery

Besides the design of the piece itself, the two things you need to look for when buying vintage inspired jewellery are craftsmanship and quality of gemstones. Flawless craftsmanship - fine settings for stones, even thickness of design elements, delicate looking but sturdy linkages, uniform rhodium/gold plating (not polish) – is paramount for a jewellery piece to look classy. The gemstones – clear or coloured - too should be unblemished and with uniform shine and clarity for dazzling impact.

Bella Krystal is your best destination for the finest vintage inspired bridal jewellery

At Bella Krystal Online Jewellery, we have a lavish range of vintage inspired jewellery for you to choose from. Each and every piece in our range bears hallmark craftsmanship that’s unmatched in finesse. Each and every piece is either rhodium plated or 18K white/yellow/rose gold plated for impeccable finish. We use only Swarovski crystal gemstones – acclaimed as the finest crystals in the world – in our pieces.

All in all, Bella Krystal’s vintage inspired jewellery is just what you want in your bridal ensemble.

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