Coloured Crystal Jewellery: Beautiful Bridal Jewellery Enhanced with Hints of Colour

Posted on 07 November 2017

Allie Blue Crystal Filled Twist Mesh Bracelet
Allie Blue Crystal Filled Twist Mesh Bracelet by Bella Krystal

A bride is usually a vision in white or ivory from head to toe. However, quite a few of brides feel that their wedding day look is simply too neutral, too monochromatic, and needs some colour somewhere to make the white or ivory look more vibrant, more stunning. We agree.

Undeniably, white and ivory are gorgeous colours that can look even more exquisite when enlivened with a carefully infused hint of colour. A great way to do this is by wearing coloured crystal/gemstone jewellery that instantly adds more allure to the classic bridal palette.

What colour options look amazing for bridal jewellery?

Peach, pink, green, blue, purple, yellow – coloured gemstones and crystals come in many hues. If your bridal gown has coloured embellishments, you can match your jewellery with it. You can also match your jewellery to your wedding theme (green for a country wedding, blue for a beach ceremony).You can choose a crystal colour that matches your eyes, or one that offsets your complexion beautifully. You can even match your jewellery colour with the bridal bouquets, or with your groom’s cuff links.

Check out Bella Krystal for absolutely stunning coloured crystal jewellery. Studded, enmeshed, beaded – you name it, we have it.

Something blue

Remember the time-honoured tradition - “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue”? Well, many a brides choose to include blue for good fortune by wearing blue crystal studded jewellery.

At Bella Krystal we have several exquisite earrings, necklaces and bracelets with beautifully sparkling blue Swarovski crystals.

Alejandra Crystal Leaf Earrings
Alejandra Crystal Leaf Earrings by Bella Krystal

Karla Crystal Elegant Bracelet
Karla Crystal Elegant Bracelet by Bella Krystal

Haley Crystal Ombre Twist Set
Haley Crystal Ombre Twist Set by Bella Krystal

Want coloured jewellery with a difference? Try coloured pearls!

A few brides may shy away from boldly sparkling crystal jewellery pieces. We have a fabulous suggestion that combines the beauty of colour with sophisticated subtlety – we suggest you wear coloured pearls!

Not just white and ivory, pearls are available in several subtle hues like pink, peach, grey and lavender too.

Check out some of Bella Krystal’s coloured pearl jewellery. Our pieces are made with freshwater pearls and the highest quality glass pearl beads.

Sabrina Crystal Tiger & Grey Fresh Water Pearl Necklace
Sabrina Crystal Tiger & Grey Fresh Water Pearl Necklace by Bella Krystal

Angela Mocha Latte Glass Pearl Necklace
Angela Mocha Latte Glass Pearl Necklace with Clasp by Bella Krystal

Browse through our entire collection for many more colourful options.

Things to remember when choosing coloured jewellery

Apart from the obvious things that you should always remember while choosing bridal jewellery, like the colour of your dress, embellishments, neckline etc, the key thing to focus on is the quality of the gemstones and crystals, as well as the workmanship of the piece.

Unless your crystals are of truly fine quality and have been set into the piece with flawless workmanship, your jewellery runs the risk of looking tacky.

Never ever cut corners and settle for cheap glass or acrylic stones. Choose jewellery set only with best quality crystals cut and faceted with precision to reflect light beautifully and add irresistible sparkle to your bridal look.

At Bella Krystal we use only world’s best Swarovski® crystals (or finest quality cubic zirconia) for perfect shine and sparkle. Each and every Bella Krystal piece is painstakingly crafted and rhodium or gold plated for a flawless finish.

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