Why Pearls Make Such Gorgeous Wedding Jewellery

Posted on 12 September 2017

Pearls Make Gorgeous Wedding Jewellery

There’s something about pearls that whispers flawless grace and timeless beauty. No wonder then that pearls make gorgeous jewellery for the bride. After all, grace and beauty are precisely what every bride wants to convey on the most special day of her life.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why pearls are a great choice for bridal jewellery.

Pearls look good with everything

The lustrous simplicity of pearls makes them go with most bridal dress styles beautifully. A simple single string or a double row with a sweetheart neckline, a long string with a high neck dress, or a choker hugging a slim throat and showing off collar bones in an off shoulder or strapless dress – pearls can add their soft glow to enhance your bridal look no matter what you wear.

Kathryn Crystal & Glass Pearl Toggle Necklace
Kathryn Crystal & Glass Pearl Toggle Necklace by Bella Krystal

Pearls come in so many fabulous colours

From pure white to rich ivory to pale pink to metallic lavender to shiny black and many more hues in between, pearls come in a huge variety of colours. You can match your pearls to your dress (e.g. ivory coloured pearls with an ivory gown) or you can match your pearls to the embellishments on your dress (e.g. pink pearls with pink detailing on white dress). Coloured pearls are the perfect way to add a touch of colour to your bridal look.

Angela Mocha Latte Glass Pearl Necklace With Clasp
Angela Mocha Latte Glass Pearl Necklace With Clasp by Bella Krystal

Pearls look great alone and also combine beautifully with gemstones and crystals

Wearing a richly detailed dress and want simple jewellery to offset it? Try a single pearl string worn with simple pearl studs or pearl drops.

Wearing a simple bridal dress and want to add some sparkle to it? Pick elaborate jewellery with a combination of gemstones and pearls.

That’s the beauty of pearl jewellery. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be.

Destiny Vintage Victorian Crystal Earrings
Destiny Vintage Victorian Crystal Earrings by Bella Krystal

Pearls can be worn again and again

On a practical note, when you invest in good quality bridal pearl jewellery, you are investing in pieces that will last a long time in pristine state (when handled and stored with care of course) and can be worn again and again. Who knows, someday you may even pass them on to your daughter or daughter-in-law.

Pearls symbolise purity and happiness

Did you know that pearls are the only gemstone worn in their natural state? All other gemstones have to be carved and polished. Perhaps that’s the reason pearls have symbolised purity and happiness across cultures. Pearls also have been the traditional ‘coming of age’ gifts from fathers to daughters. As we mentioned a short while ago, many mothers pass on their inherited pearls to daughters or daughters-in-law as a family heritage.

Remember that before cultured pearls made pearls affordable for all, pearls were the prized possessions of only the super rich and royalty. In fact, pearls have been among the most sought after precious gems across cultures. Check out photographs of princesses and queens and you will see pearls adorning them. Even in these more egalitarian times, most queens, duchesses and princesses are seen wearing pearls.

At Bella Krystal we have a wide range of pearl jewellery. Each piece is handpicked to ensure flawless finesse.

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