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Pearls with Crystals: A Jewellery Match Made In Heaven

Posted on 21 November 2017

Addison Crystal & Pearl Cluster Necklace by Bella Krystal

Now that you’re planning your bridal ensemble for that long awaited walk down the aisle, how about choosing bridal jewellery that symbolises a ‘perfect match’ by combining two different but equally gorgeous elements that come together to create a stunning effect.

We are talking about crystals and pearls, or rather, jewellery that is made with both crystals and pearls.

When crystals and pearls meet, shine weds lustre

Crystals and pearls make a timeless combination – always in vogue, always a class above the rest.

Being faceted to reflect light spectacularly, crystals emit a sparkling effect. Pearls, whether manmade or cultured, have a soft lustre that looks sublime and feminine. Crystals (flawless ones) look magnificent with their shine and shimmer. And pearls (again, good quality ones) make the perfect foil with their soft lustre and exquisite glow. When set together into beautifully designed and painstakingly crafted jewellery pieces, these create a magic that draws all eyes towards you.

Jewellery options with crystals and pearls

Crystals and pearls look good together in almost every type of jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair ornaments. Pearl drop earrings and pearl strings with crystal studded clasps are a classic combination that always creates a polished and sophisticated appearance.

Not just jewellery, the crystal and pearl combination looks good across most accessories too; be it bejewelled shoes or clutches. Actually, often wedding dresses too are embellished with this combination.

However, remember not to overdo the crystal and pearl combination as it can then overpower your gown. We recommend that you limit the crystal and pearl combination to one or two pieces only. For example: chandelier earrings with hair comb or hair pins, necklace with bracelet, ear studs with beaded necklace, or cuff bracelet with earrings. Your other accessories should be simple and minimalist.

Likewise; if your wedding gown has been heavily embellished with both crystals and pearls, it may be a better idea to keep your jewellery simpler – just crystals or just pearls.

Colour combinations with crystals and pearls

Most people think of crystals as clear and pearls as white. However, crystals are available in a wide range of colours – the entire spectrum actually. Pearls too come in various shades like ivory, soft pink, champagne, lavender, grey and black etc. This means you can pick and choose the combination you wish to wear to enhance your bridal outfit.

At Bella Krystal, we have some absolutely exquisite jewellery pieces – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair pieces, bejewelled clutches – set with the finest manmade or freshwater pearls and authentic Swarovski crystals. Each and every piece is beautifully made and polished with rhodium or gold for tarnish-free wear.

Browse some of our pieces below:

Sophie Crystal & Pearl Necklace

Sophie Crystal & Pearl Necklace by Bella Krystal

Brooklynn Vintage Crystal Comb

Brooklynn Vintage Crystal Comb by Bella Krystal

Keira Crystal Hoop Pearl Drop Earrings

Keira Crystal Hoop Pearl Drop Earrings by Bella Krystal

Pearl & Crystal Clutch

Pearl & Crystal Clutch by Bella Krystal

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