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How To Pick The Right Bridal Clutch For Your Wedding

Posted on 15 August 2017

Pick The Right Bridal Clutch

So you have finalised your wedding day look – a dreamy bridal gown, stylish footwear and eye-catching jewellery.

So far so good, but one vital thing is still missing. Have you chosen your bridal clutch yet?

Ask any bridal stylist and they will tell you that the bridal clutch purse is as essential for your big day look as an evening bag is for your glam party look.

Here are a few tips on how to pick the right bridal clutch purse for your wedding.

Match it with your bridal theme and look

Princess or bohemian, beach or country, sporty or sophisticated – whatever your wedding theme and bridal look, make sure your bridal purse carries those elements too. A princess or mermaid gown would go better with an elaborately decorated bag. A vintage themed wedding gown will look fabulous with an art deco box clutch. A beach wedding in a summery frock style gown asks for a simpler purse.

Pearl Clutch
Pearl Clutch by Bella Krystal

Pick a matching colour

Your bag can either be of the same colour as your bridal gown, or the colour of the embellishments on your gown. If your gown has metallic coloured embellishments make sure the metals on the bridal clutch match. If the embellishments on the wedding dress are silver then an all-golden bag, or even one with golden hardware, won’t do. You can also match embellishments for a more coordinated look. For example if your gown is embellished with pearl beads, pick a bag decked in pearls or mother of pearl details. If your gown is a plain single colour you’ll have a wider range of options including carrying heavily embellished bridal clutches.

Crystal Floral Clutch
Crystal Floral Clutch by Bella Krystal

Keep it small

Over-sized, roomy tote bags are for other days. A bridal clutch should be small and compact – just enough to carry a few essentials like lipstick, hair pins, phone, breath mints and a few tissues.

Look for optional sling chains

You obviously can’t keep your purse in your hand or tucked under your arm while you’re taking your vows. So you should ideally either get a bridesmaid to hold it for you during the ceremony, or get a bag with a sling chain attachment that lets you sling it on your shoulder for those few moments. When the ceremony is over, detach the sling chain (or just push it back into the bag) and carry the clutch in your hand.

Victorian Crystal Clutch
Victorian Crystal Clutch by Bella Krystal

Look for something you will be able to use again

On a practical note, choose a bridal bag that you would be able to use again as an evening clutch purse. It may seem like basic advice but re-usability makes sense when you spend so much money on an accessory and then have to keep it wrapped in tissues at the back of your cupboard.

Take a look at the Bella Krystal Evening Clutches & Handbags Collection to find the perfect bridal clutch for your wedding.

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