Adding Statement Jewellery to Your Bridal Style

Posted on 26 September 2017

Bridal Statement Jewellery

On your wedding day you want to look a cut above the rest, to be the belle of the ball. In short, you want to make a statement. And to make a statement with effortless grace, you need statement jewellery.

So what’s statement jewellery?

It’s jewellery that is boldly and beautifully visible on the wearer. Statement jewellery pieces are unique and typically bigger than everyday jewellery. When worn with an ensemble, such pieces can be seen instantly and prominently. Statement jewellery doesn’t blend in, it stands out. And yet, it adds a unique, one-of-a-kind magnetic appeal to your appearance.

Some examples of statement jewellery

Think long and sparkling chandelier earrings, elaborate necklaces, chunky bracelets that cover a good part of your wrist – all these are statement jewellery.

Imagine wearing a strapless bridal dress with a magnificent pearl and crystal bib necklace.

Addison Crystal & Pearl Cluster Necklace
Addison Crystal & Pearl Cluster Necklace by Bella Krystal

Or wearing a one-shoulder sheath dress with an eye catching pair of long earrings studded with pearl beads and crystals.

Presley Pearl & Crystal Garden Earrings
Presley Pearl & Crystal Garden Earrings by Bella Krystal

Or a sleeveless wedding dress with a gorgeous and wide cuff.

Leilani Crystal Elegant Cuff
Leilani Crystal Elegant Cuff by Bella Krystal

All these are irresistible statement pieces that will add so much allure to your bridal look and draw all eyes to you.

Some ground rules for bridal statement jewellery

When it comes to bridal statement jewellery, one or two pieces are more than enough to stand out. Anything more than this is usually overdoing it.

If you are wearing one piece of statement jewellery, pair it with simpler pieces elsewhere. For example; an ornate necklace can be teamed up with simple drop or solitaire & halo earrings. Long chandelier earrings can be worn with a simple chain necklace.

If you are wearing two statement pieces, ensure that they do not clash by being too close to one another. For example chandelier earrings wouldn’t go well with an ornate necklace but they would look fine with a chunky cuff or bracelet.

Follow the regular jewellery guidelines too

When picking your statement jewellery pieces follow the usual rules and guidelines like matching it to your outfit’s colour, neckline, detailing and embellishments.

It is also a good idea to try out your bridal dress with your selected statement jewellery pieces beforehand to ensure that they look good together and you look good in them.

If you usually stick to very simple (or no) jewellery in your day to day life, think twice before picking anything that can make you uncomfortable on the big day. As you will surely be investing a good amount of money on this jewellery, it makes sense to buy something you are comfortable wearing and can wear again afterwards too.

Statement jewellery at Bella Krystal

Bella Krystal has a gorgeous line up of beautiful statement bridal jewellery. Take a look through our collection and find what you need to make a statement on your big day.

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