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How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery

Posted on 25 July 2017

Jewelry care

We know you love your Bella Krystal jewellery for its alluring designs, fine craftsmanship and sparkling stones. However did you know that your lovely jewellery also needs to be maintained carefully to keep it looking its best?

Read on to learn how to take care of your Bella Krystal jewellery pieces so you can enjoy wearing them for years.

Last on and first off

This is the golden rule for keeping your jewellery’s good looks intact.

Put your jewellery on last – after you have dressed, applied your makeup and sprayed on your perfume.

Once the occasion is over, take off your jewellery before you remove your makeup or even take off your dress. Oils and other chemicals in cosmetics, hairsprays, perfumes, deodorants, cleansers and soaps can trigger chemical reactions which can lead to your jewellery getting tarnished. So remember, put it on last and take it off first.

Wipe gently to dry and then store

Almost all pieces of Bella Krystal jewellery are either 18K gold plated or rhodium plated for long lasting shine. However sweat, makeup, oils and sprays have a corroding effect on even the best of plating.

Despite care, some traces of sweat, oil, makeup and dust end up clinging on to your jewellery. So after you remove your jewellery, rub it gently using circular movements with a soft lint-free cloth to ensure all dirt and other traces are removed. Make sure not to use a jewellery cleaning cloth which is intended for non-plated pieces (e.g. solid gold, sterling silver). A soft lint-free cotton cloth works best for plated pieces.

Store in signature Bella Krystal pouches

The pretty dust and satin pouches your Bella Krystal jewellery comes packed in has more than beauty to its credit. It is meant to protect your jewellery. So always store each piece alone and nestled in its original pouch. Don’t store multiple pieces in the same bag as they may get tangled and scratched. Each piece stored separately works best.

Protect from chlorinated water

Avoid taking a bath, shower or swim with your jewellery on. The chlorine in the water can corrode the gold/rhodium plating and cause tarnishing.

Never use ammonia-based jewellery cleansers, silver dips or ultrasonic jewellery cleansers

Like silver/gold jewellery cleaning cloths meant for non-plated jewellery, any ammonia based cleansers, silver dips or ultrasonic cleaners are a total no-no. These can cause damage to plated jewellery.

To remove dirt, use warm water and soft brush

If any dirt is stuck amidst the crystal stones of your jewellery, just dip the piece in warm water for a few minutes and gently rub with an ultra-soft toothbrush to get the dirt out. Dry immediately and thoroughly using a soft lint-free cotton cloth.

Get it professionally cleaned

If despite care (or due to lack of it) your jewellery is looking dirty, losing sparkle or showing signs of tarnish, visit a specialist jewellery cleaning and plating service to bring back the original finesse and shine.

Use these tips and you will be able to wear your lovely Bella Krystal pieces again and again.

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