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How To Choose Wedding Jewellery For Your Bridesmaids

Posted on 29 August 2017

Perfect Jewellery for Bridesmaids

So you’ve chosen your bridesmaids and selected their dresses, now it’s time to choose the jewellery they’ll wear on your big day.

Bridesmaids are such an integral part of a graceful wedding ceremony. How they look and which dresses and accessories they wear are all crucial to making your wedding day memorable. As the bride-to-be, you get to make these decisions and that’s why you need to get everything right not just for yourself but also for your bridesmaids.

As a wedding jewellery specialist, we bring you some of the best advice on how to pick the best jewellery for your bridesmaids.

To match or not to match?

Should all your bridesmaids wear identical jewellery or should they play up their individuality by wearing different pieces? Well, it is up to you. You can ask them to wear whatever they like, or you can pick up similar or identical pieces for a uniform look. If they are wearing different pieces, these can be chosen to match their bridesmaid dress style or body/face type/hairstyle (again, if they are not dressed identically, their jewellery can vary widely).

Matching but not entirely

You can also choose bridesmaids jewellery that has some kind of uniform thread in terms of style (e.g. only choker necklaces or layered chain necklaces or chandelier earrings or chunky bracelets), or the same material (e.g. only pink pearls or rose gold or solitaire Swarovski or drop crystals). This will be harmonious without getting monotonous.

Claire Fresh Water Pearl Twist Bracelet
Claire Fresh Water Pearl Twist Bracelet by Bella Krystal

Statement pieces

Statement jewellery pieces are great for standing out in a crowd. You can pick a statement piece of jewellery (identical chandelier earrings or bracelets or necklaces or hair combs) for your bridesmaids to make them stand out in the ceremony. It will showcase their special status among the wedding guests. These statement pieces will also be something your bridesmaids will cherish for a long time.

Inspired by your look

As the bride, you will shine brightest on your big day. However, your bridesmaids can also sparkle by wearing jewellery that borrows from your theme but in a more restrained manner. For example, if you are wearing a bunch of jewelled floral accessories in your hair, each bridesmaid can wear just one of these in her hair. Or if you are wearing a large crystal studded bracelet, they can wear a smaller sized one in identical crystal shape/ colour. Or if you are wearing a chunky pearl choker, they can wear a simple pearl pendant in chain around their neck.

Kathryn Crystal & Glass Pearl Toggle Necklace
Kathryn Crystal & Glass Pearl Toggle Necklace by Bella Krystal

Inspired by your wedding theme

Are you having a theme wedding? Why not get your bridesmaids to wear jewellery that will reflect this theme? Bridesmaids on a beach wedding will look fabulous wearing mother of pearl jewellery. A garden wedding theme will echo beautifully in floral jewellery pieces. A church wedding will go beautifully with cross pendants in chains around your bridesmaids’ necks.

Picking jewellery for bridesmaids is almost as much fun (and challenging) as picking bridal jewellery for yourself. Our tips (and the wonderful Bella Krystal jewellery collection) should definitely help you get it right.

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