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Why You Should Choose Rhodium Plated Bridal Jewellery

Posted on 24 October 2017

Rhodium Plated Bridal Jewellery

Browsing through the Bella Krystal bridal jewellery collection, you will have noticed that most of our pieces are rhodium plated. So what’s rhodium plating and what benefits does it bring to your bridal jewellery?

First let’s get to know a bit about rhodium

Rhodium is a silvery white precious metal from the very illustrious platinum family. It is actually much rarer and more expensive than platinum. Pure rhodium jewellery would be prohibitively expensive but fortunately, a thin layer of rhodium can be electroplated on jewellery for a gorgeous and luminous silvery-white appearance.

Rhodium is highly preferred for electroplating high quality jewellery – even white gold and sterling silver jewellery is almost always electroplated with rhodium. However, it is not just its lovely silvery-white colour that makes it the electroplating metal of choice, there are several other benefits that make this metal the top choice among jewellers.

So, what makes rhodium so desirable for electroplating jewellery?

Three things make this metal a preferred choice. These are:

  • It is strong, so your rhodium plated jewellery doesn’t scratch easily and looks good as new for a long time.
  • Rhodium is non-reactive to most other things. Sweat, air, water, fumes – it is impervious to all. So your rhodium plated jewellery doesn’t tarnish easily.
  • Rhodium protects you from metal allergies. Jewellery is often made of metal alloys with some nickel in it. Quite a lot of people are allergic to nickel. With rhodium on top, you significantly reduce your chances of having an allergic reaction.

If taken care of, rhodium plated jewellery lasts for a long time. Rhodium does have one shortcoming (apart from the fact that it is expensive) – its plating does wear off after regular usage. For example if you were to wear a rhodium plated ring day in day out, the plating will wear off in a few months after regular contact with skin. However, as bridal jewellery is typically more ornate and suitable for special occasion rather than everyday wear, rhodium plating on elaborate and less worn items like necklaces, bracelets and chandelier earrings - can last for years and years without tarnishing.

Also it is worth noting that rhodium re-plating is available with many jewellers. So you always have the option of getting your jewellery rhodium plated again to make it as good as new.

Why we sell rhodium plated bridal jewellery

As bridal jewellery specialists, we bring you enchantingly beautiful jewellery, designed with elegance and crafted with finesse. Jewellery as beautiful as ours deserves to look fabulous not just on your big day; we want it to look amazing for years to come. Rhodium plating our beautiful unique pieces ensures this.

So when you wear beautifully crafted jewellery like Bella Krystal’s where each crystal, each element is flawless, your jewellery looks much more expensive than it actually is.

You’ll agree; rhodium is absolutely worth it!

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